Welcome to the State of Missouri’s Opioid Settlement Reporting Website

Welcome to the State of Missouri’s Opioid Settlement Reporting Website. Portions of the site are still under construction. Additional links and information continue to be added to the site.

Annual reports for the prior calendar year will be available on this site each year on March 1. Reporting data will be available by March 31. View the most recent Annual Report to the Missouri General Assembly or select the Settlement Information tab.

The coordinated reporting is a long-term project. There are multiple settlements with varying payment periods ranging five to 18 years in length. Currently, the last payment for the Distributors’ settlement is scheduled to be in 2038. As long as the State of Missouri and its local governments are receiving payments, the Department of Mental Health will continue to coordinate reporting through this website. Reporting could continue beyond 2038, depending on:
  • If settlements are still making payments; and
  • The year all settlement funds have been expended by the State of Missouri and local governments.

Local Government Reporting

The reporting section of the website will be open to local governments each October 1 through January 31 of the following year. Report your locality/state agency data or select the Enter Settlement Data tab.